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Is This Website Easy To Use

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Is This Website Easy To Use

Question 1 of 9.

How easily could you find Home?

1. Quite easily
2. Sorry, it took me a while.
3. Oops! They forgot 'Home' itself. It's just not there.
4. Home is where Avinaux is. Click logo at top left of Menu.
Question 2 of 9.

Did you find the menu items cluttered?

1. Not really, there were six of them, as required.
2. It could have been one or two less.
3. Number Ok. Labels not.
Question 3 of 9.

Could you know purpose of creating the website in 5 seconds or so?

1. Yes, it was obvious.
2. No, I was lost in the video.
3. It took time, still it was obvious.
4. Not really, I had to do some scrolling.
Question 4 of 9.

Are the "Call to Action" buttons prominent and stand out?

1. God knows whether there was one or not.
2. It was blended in the overall design.
3. They do not stand out, but neither blended nor clashing with the design.
Question 5 of 9.

How cluttered the sidebar did you find?

1. Wow! They didn't create one.
2. I think, it should have been there.
Question 6 of 9.

Does the site have a search facility?

1. Well, yes, but it didn't help me.
2. Yes, and it rocks.
3. Where was it?
Question 7 of 9.

How much contact info does the owner share?

1. The basics, as usual - phone, mail, etc.
2. I am still on the look out.
Question 8 of 9.

Will the site-owner succeed in the endeavour?

1. There are so many, already.
2. Let's hope.
3. It depends ... ... ...
Question 9 of 9.

Do you like the pictures?

1. No. They make it childish.
2. Yes. They make it vibrant.
3. Fewer would have been better. They are too many.

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Is This Website Easy To Use

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