Thesis & Creative Writing

Started on August 15, 2019OnlineNo Time Limit

About the Course

This is our Customized Single Course. We have a Plan and we will delineate it below, but the beauty of the course is that it evolves as you evolve. Plan is your choice. Our USP is Statement to Submission. Click below to read more and get a sample research paper. Play video on right side.

Learning Plan

Generating Statement & Abstract

The initial step is agreeing on a statement. For this we have consultations with you and other stakeholders.

Segregating Resources

This is quite significant in the whole process.

Preparing Draft Write-up

As a long-drawn process, this takes time. However, we assure you to any time-line already agreed upon.

Submitting the Finals

After getting all clearance and after final rounds of editing, we submit to you the final copy.

Creative Writing

Creative writing course is a skill development course. Interested in writing blogs and articles for mass consumption? Two links given below:

    1. Poetry Writing

    2. Non-fiction

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