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November 21, 2019
Total Questions: 4
Total Points: 12
Timer Set: 4 Minutes

For each correct answer you GET 3 points. For each wrong attempt you LOSE 1 point. The QBank is updated every night. Expect a new set in the morning. All the best!

1. U20 Summit often seen in news relates to:
2. Which of the following presents 'Global Gender Gap Index' ranking to the countries of the world?

Which among the following statements is/are true regarding ‘Microdots’ recently seen in the news?

1. It involves spraying the body and parts of the vehicle or any other machine with microscopic dots, which gives a unique identification.
2. These microdot can be read physically with a microscope and identified with ultra violet light source.
3. The microdots are adhesive will become permanent fixtures/affixation which can be removed without damaging the asset, that is the vehicle itself.

Which among the above statements is/are correct?


National Data Quality Forum (NDQF) is launched by which among the following?

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